Stone Ridge is an idyllic community of 14 private townhomes located on Upper Gull Lake in the City of Lake Shore, MN.  Stone Ridge provides scenic views and luxurious common grounds as well as a community lodge.  These homes are not condominiums. Each unit is one half of a twinhome and each unit is an individual land owner of the property under their townhome and as well as a partial owner of the common grounds usable by all members.  Each of the 7 buildings are unique in design and floor plans.  The property is managed by the Stone Ridge on Gull Townhomes Association according to its by-laws and is run by a Board of 5 members. The Association has bi-annual membership meetings usually on Memorial and Labor day weekends.

Monthly Membership Dues

Service Fee
Units and Association Insurance $ 101.26
Lawn Cutting $   69.24
Units Siding Re-staining $   53.57
Transfer to Reserve $   41.54
Repairs and Maintenance $   49.27
Snow Removal $   44.43
Dock Installation and Removals $   17.89
Capital Improvements $   14.42
Garbage Collection $   15.87
Electricity (MN Power) $     6.35
Lodge Expenses $   16.16
Natural Gas (Xcel) $     5.19
Landscaping $   11.54
Miscellaneous $     3.27
Total Current Monthly Dues $ 450.00

In addition to monthly dues there is often an annual assessment for improvements of about $ 1,000 and for maintenance of about $ 1,000.